This is your “one-stop” for all things Las Comadres, from events to resources. Please bookmark it! Most importantly, always remember Las Comadres is an experience that you get to create for yourself. Attend the events and experiences that make sense for you. I invite you to show up in a way that nourishes your heart and your business. I’m so grateful to have you in this crew, and I look forward to seeing more of you, Comadre! - xo, Gaby


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Your Events (On and Offline):


❤️ Your Madrinas are hosting events iN-person and online monthly! ❤️

Ester Serrano   @esterserraz

Ester Serrano


Nichole Dawkins   @thankyounicky

Nichole Dawkins


Jaime Nolan   @jaimenolan

Jaime Nolan


Patty Suau   @tinyfcknpix

Patty Suau


Lacey Mclaughlin   @thelaceyelizabeth

Lacey Mclaughlin


Krystina Francois   @tinabatuna

Krystina Francois


Tina Dominguez   @tina_vision

Tina Dominguez




Main Comadres Events:


Gaby Q+A: 04/03
Coworking: 4/11
Speaker Event: 04/15


Gaby Q+A: 05/06
Coworking: 05/9
Speaker Event: 05/13

this month’s theme: HARMONY


This month we’re taking a look at what living a harmonious life means to each of us, and how we can create balance for ourselves with our businesses, families, passions, and self care.

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Watch: Gaby’s FB Live Q+A

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