Comadre, we know you have a lot to share with us. This is an opportunity for you to shine a little brighter, and for us to get to know you and your gifts a little bit better. Let's make it happen! What can you teach us? - xoxo, Gaby

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Are you willing to go on Facebook Live in the Las Comadres group to teach us about something for 20-30 minutes?
For example: "Three Ways to Get Over Your Money Setbacks in 2019", "What Lunar Eclipses Mean In Your Life", "How to Create Branded Instagram Highlights", "How to be Civically engaged in 2019". Note: Please complete one form per masterclass. If you want to teach more classes, please submit the form again.
If so, please let us know a little more about what you'll be sharing.
Finally, please schedule your Masterclass. Please click on the Facebook events link below, and follow these guidelines: *
1. Go to the Las Comadres Facebook Group 2. Click on Events 3. Create a Facebook event for the date and time of the Live. 4. Add a picture to the cover photo. Make sure to add "Comadre Masterclass" to the title. For example: Masterclass: The First Essential Six Years in a Child's Life. You can make the location: Facebook Live. 4. Please make sure to space them out with other events going on in the community!
Click on the Las Comadres Facebook Event link to schedule your event!
You'll receive some guidelines via email, but please reach out to with any questions! *