The Abundant Soul Online Mastermind

(Online Experience)



Are you feeling called to bring more of your soul into your business?

Are you ready to break through the resistance and the blocks to fulfill your purpose?

Are you excited about making decisions and taking action from your deepest intuition and truth?

Welcome to the Abundant Soul Mastermind.


The Abundant Soul, online mastermind is an exclusive experience for ten women entrepreneurs ready to dive in with soul into their business.

We gather for a 5-month program that combines the soul work and strategic planning necessary for a growing business that is true to your vision.

We do it all in a supportive and soulful sisterhood. 



For many of us, the idea of a hugely successful, thriving version of ourselves is frankly - terrifying. The judgey voice in our head would like a word with us, frequently. Below are some the shadow chatter our inner critic tells us:

"Everybody is running amazing businesses except for me." 

"No one wants to hear what I have to say." 

"I’m not really a "‘business’ person."

"I hate having to talk about money with my clients."

It keeps us playing small. It keeps us away from opportunities, from our own truth, from a more joy-filled business, and from money. 





Think about a time when you were excited to move forward with a project - something that brought you so much joy. You had a clear vision and you saw yourself step into it. When you have the right motivation and connection to what you are doing, nothing can stop you. That is what stepping into abundance feels like. This is what we step into with Abundant Soul.


in this program, i invite you to step into this version of you. THE VERSION OF YOU THAT IS:

  • Ready to make a plan, and you can't wait to execute on it.

  • Ready to face the blocks that have been holding you back.

  • Ready to take on any challenges and see them in perspective of your higher vision.

  • Proudly and confidently sharing your story with the world.

  • Attracting clients, opportunities, projects, partners, and money.

  • Sharing your story with the world, and it flows from a place of the truest part of you.



Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.48.55 AM.png

If you're launching your business and overwhelmed

If you're tired of playing small

If you're called to use your gifts and stop hiding

If you know you're meant for bigger things 

If you want to make more confident business decisions

If you're ready to stop being afraid of what you can accomplish

When you are coming from your truth, connecting to your work and your story, nothing can stop you.   


HOW it will work


From January through May 2019, we will embody abundance for ourselves and our businesses, through:


what you’ll learn

We'll move through content related to energy work, branding, storytelling and sisterhood. The mastermind will be informed by our Abundant Soul curriculum. Ultimately be a tailored experience of motivation, intuition, inspired action, and accountability for the group and each woman involved.

  Energy Work

Energy Work

Learn how to work with energy, and develop the rituals and practices that will keep you grounded in your “why”, your purpose, your calling, and your vision.

  Strategy, Branding & Storytelling

Strategy, Branding & Storytelling

Create and dive into a strategic business plan that will have you clear on your ideal client, your story, and how to manage your time to get it all done.

  Soul Work in a True Sisterhood

Soul Work in a True Sisterhood

The program is designed with community and sisterhood at its core. You will give and receive in a supportive environment where we all rise together.


Our content will include:

  • The magic of your brand

  • Your key opportunities

  • Sales strategies for you

  • Your one-year strategic communications plan

  • Creating your campaigns

  • Your Process for Social

  • Closing ceremony 

  • Initiation ceremony

  • Abundant Soul workbook

  • Shadow work

  • Setting Intentions

  • Decluttering

  • Defining your ideal client

  • Active Collaborations



The investment in the mastermind is $300 a month, for a period of 5 months. It is limited to 10 women.

You can choose to pay in full, for a savings of $100, or you can save your spot with the first month’s payment of $300. The second payment will be due in February 2019. Subsequent monthly payments will be deducted on a monthly basis through May 2019.

One payment of $1,400 (savings of $100)


Save your spot with the first month’s payment of $300. The second monthly payment will be due in February


Wanna hop on the phone to see if this is for you? Find time to chat with me here

I love that this mastermind allowed me to hold space for the work that truly needed to be done. I could come as I am with an incredible tribe of women and workshop the changes I wanted to make in my life and business. It helped me connect with the soul of my business.
— GIselle Navarro, Art Director & Stylist
After our mastermind, I feel a lot more confident in launching my entrepreneurship full time! I loved working from the inside out and I am so ready to come out!
— Miriam Soberanes, Rare Velvet Designs

I'm wondering about...

1) how much time should i expect to invest in this program?

You'll spend 3-5 hours a week in this program. You will absolutely get out of this program what you put in. 


Every live video call will be recorded and you can watch on your own time. If you know you won't be able to attend a call, you can send me your questions in advance and we'll address them on the call. 

what will the calls be like?

The calls will have personalized attention for you. The worksheets are meant to help you grasp the content, and the calls are meant to move you forward with your action-items, strategize and clarify anything you need. 

5) can I get a refund?

There are no refunds available for this mastermind. Should an emergency arise, reach out to me and we can discuss alternatives.  

I am so excited to dive in with you.

Wanna chat some more? Find time that works for you here


Photo credit: Giselle Navarro