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My Story

For a good chunk of my life I felt like something was missing. I chalked it up to not having found my purpose.

I tried. I’ve had four careers (Consulting, HR, Communications, Advertising), lived in three cities (Santo Domingo, NYC, Miami), countless hobbies (hello, Calligraphy!), wildly different passions (from politics to interior design), a 7-year marriage, a beautiful son, a divorce. Through it all, I was so blessed. I still felt “off”, like there was some kind of hole in my soul. As time passed I grew more frustrated and guilty about it. 

In January 2015 I started my own business. All I knew is that I felt called to help women tell their stories. I knew that finding and owning your voice was power.



Entrepreneurship is a powerful journey into self, reflecting the stories we tell ourselves and the world.

Soon after I started the business, I learned what all entrepreneurs find out sooner or later: You are suddenly faced with every fear, every insecurity, every self critical thought you’ve ever had. Suddenly there’s no one or nothing else to blame. I learned that if I didn’t face all of it and work on my own healing, I wasn’t gonna make it. 

One day the real story I had been telling myself became clear. I was stuck in a mentality of feeling like I deserved just a little of everything: a little money, a little love, a little confidence, a little security. I was comfortable with some success, not a lot. It immediately became clear to me this is something so many of us face as women.

From my friends to my clients - there was a consistent theme of lack. Remarkable, fascinating, charming, accomplished women weren’t seeing themselves and they certainly weren’t dreaming big. We started “side hustles” and “little businesses” and rarely dared to define success on our terms or see a higher version of ourselves. 

The moment I saw that pattern of lack in me, everything turned around in my life. The feeling of missing something started to melt away. I knew I was ready to embrace the abundance I called in with Jupiter, and I was ready to truly jump into  a higher version of myself. My calling is simple - to help women truly see and step into their higher self through the stories we tell ourselves and the world. When you see your potential and know that you can step into it - nothing can stop you. 

I am passionate about helping soul and purpose-driven women define, own, and tell their own stories as a magnet for abundance. 

We do it through energy work and spaces, brand strategy, and planning your online storytelling. The result is beautiful spaces with energy that support you and an authentic presence where you’re showing up true to your vision - as you watch your business and loyal community grow. 

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