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My Story

For a good chunk of my life I felt like something was missing. I figured I simply had not found my purpose.

I tried. I’ve had four careers (Consulting, HR, Communications, Advertising), lived in three cities (Santo Domingo, NYC, Miami), entertained countless hobbies (hello, Calligraphy!), gone deep into wildly different passions (from politics to interior design). Through it all, something felt “off”, like there was some kind of “purpose hole” in my soul. As time passed I grew more frustrated and guilty. 

In January 2015 I started my own business. All I knew is that I would never have another “job” again. I was determined to do things my way: pour my creativity into what I do, and build a business around my passions and the life I wanted to create.

The entrepreneurial path has felt bumpy, terrifying, and uncertain. It has also been exhilarating, joyful, connected, and powerful beyond my wildest dreams. I am the woman I dreamed of being as a little girl. Every single day the journey has been worth it.

Through it all, I’ve walked a path true to my values and my passions. I’ve learned to listen to my higher self and trust my intuition above everything.

She has led me here:

I show up for progressive values

I show up for sacred energy work

I show up for motherhood

I show up for brujas

I show up for courage

I show up for connection

I show up for community

I show up for divinity

I show up for badass business strategies

I show up for sisterhood

I show up for accountability

I show up for the sacred feminine


I realized my purpose is to lead women on this same journey as they embody their truth and abundance. I’m honored to be “La Madrina.”

As the Madrina (godmother) of “Las Comadres”, everyday I am committed to creating a safe, welcoming, warm space that will challenge, support, and thrill you in this entrepreneurial journey.

When we come together, we see ourselves in each other. We see the same fears, the same insecurities, the same doubts. We also speak our dreams out loud and we become guardians of each others’ success. We see one another’s power, beauty and possibility - and we start to see our own. As we uplift one another, we all rise together.

I invite you to join our community, get clear about your purpose and uncover the courage in you to go after it. We can do it together. We start here.  xoxo,