The Jupiter Mastermind


An 8-week program to uncover your true brand, find the courage to tell your story, and learn to do it consistently to grow your business - all in a supportive, fun, badass sisterhood. 




Sharing your story is about showing up - again and again. That can be really hard to do. We forget, we don't know what to post, we don't see the right engagement, we promptly go do anything else and procrastinate. 

We've all been there. The thing is that without the right tools,  support, accountability and connection to what you're sharing, it's really hard to share amazing content every single day.

I created this mastermind to get you clear on your story, feel brave enough to share it, and find your groove to do it consistently. 

The moment you connect with your content and you share it in a way that's true to you - no one can stop you.  

How It Works

Three times a year, six women entrepreneurs get together for an 8-week experience that transforms their business and makes space for their brand to shine. We uncover your social media blocks, ensure your full authentic self is shining through, and that the right people are engaging and buying.

  • Meet for three full days of hot seats & coaching
  • Three group calls to hold you accountable
  • Special experiences to connect & set a vision for your business
  • Access to me to get your questions answered, get feedback, and ideas
  • A sisterhoood to keep you excited an accountable  

We'll do it in full sisterhood, and open up to a spiritual, experiential, badass-businesswoman vibe. 

What We Cover

  • The magic of your brand
  • Your key opportunities
  • Sales strategies for you
  • Your one-year strategic communications plan
  • Creating your campaigns
  • Your Process for Social

What Masterminders Have to Say

I met and got more intimate with an amazing group of badass women entrepreneurs. We allowed ourselves to get real with each other about our lives and businesses. I got further clarity around my business and my ideal client. The in depth conversations helped me to talk it out with others and it became clearer and clearer. I was inspired to complete my first blog posts, finalized my website and learned how to manage the ebbs and flows of my energy and how I manage my time.
— Lisa Comes

Six incredible female entrepreneurs holding space and supporting each other during the creative development stages of our brands and businesses. Hot seat sessions invite us to speak loud and clear about our visions, strategies and struggles. Brainstorm sessions help us tap into our most creative and badass selves. Accountability buddies make sure we get shit done. Overall, a uniquely amazing learning experience!
— Chloe Ravel
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How You Can Join Us

Masterminds are held in January, April and September.

I would love to have you join us. Apply to join right here and we'll chat soon.