The Abundant Soul Mastermind

In-person masterminds are held in Miami, FL.

Are you feeling called to bring more of your soul into your business?

Are you ready to break through the resistance and the blocks to fulfill your purpose?

Are you excited about making decisions and taking action from your deepest intuition and truth?

Welcome to the Abundant Soul Mastermind.


The Abundant Soul, in-person mastermind is an exclusive experience for six women entrepreneurs ready to dive in with soul into their business.

We gather for a 5-month program that combines the soul work and strategic planning necessary for a growing business that is true to your vision.

We do it all in a supportive and soulful sisterhood. 


equal parts magic and strategy


The things that hold us back from succeeding in our businesses are rarely about the right strategy or plan. It runs much deeper than that. Entrepreneurship has a way of awakening every last one of our fears and insecurities.


The Abundant Soul Mastermind combines magic and strategy. We dive in together and face our fears head on. In that sisterhood we find the courage to set our highest intentions for ourselves and our businesses. Then, we strategize from our deepest power and strength. 


Sharing your story is a huge part of how we start showing up consistently with our business. It's telling the universe "Here I am, I am ready to tell and show the world who I am and what I have created."

I know that idea can be really intimidating for a lot of us. This is where we strategize, plan, collaborate so you have a deeper connection to your work and the story you're sharing everyday. 

When you are coming from your truth, connecting to your work and your story, nothing can stop you. 

How It Works


Twice a year, six women entrepreneurs get together for a 5-month experience that transforms their business and makes space for their brand to shine. Groups will meet January - May and August - December.

You’ll experience:

  • Accountability system to track our goals and intentions for ourselves and each other

  • Email access to Gaby throughout

  • Special experiences and ceremonies to connect & set a vision for your business

  • Monthly full-day meeting for hot seats and coaching

  • Monthly group call to keep us accountable

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching call with Gaby to strategize and plan


We'll do it in full sisterhood, opening up to a spiritual, experiential, forward-moving vibe. 


When will we have our full-day meetings?

We will meet on the third Tuesday of every month from January to May, 2019 (9:30am - 4pm)

Tuesday, January 15th

Tuesday, February 19th

Tuesday, March 19th

Tuesday, April 16th

Tuesday, May 21st

What We Cover

  • Initiation ceremony

  • Initiation package and mastermind materials

  • Shadow work

  • Setting Intentions

  • Decluttering

  • Creating your own rituals (personal & business)

  • Active Collaborations

  • The magic of your brand

  • Your key opportunities

  • Sales strategies for you

  • Your one-year strategic communications plan

  • Creating your campaigns

  • Your Process for Social

  • Closing ceremony


What Masterminders Have to Say

I met and got more intimate with an amazing group of badass women entrepreneurs. We allowed ourselves to get real with each other about our lives and businesses. I got further clarity around my business and my ideal client. The in depth conversations helped me to talk it out with others and it became clearer and clearer. I was inspired to complete my first blog posts, finalized my website and learned how to manage the ebbs and flows of my energy and how I manage my time.
— Lisa Comes

Six incredible female entrepreneurs holding space and supporting each other during the creative development stages of our brands and businesses. Hot seat sessions invite us to speak loud and clear about our visions, strategies and struggles. Brainstorm sessions help us tap into our most creative and badass selves. Accountability buddies make sure we get shit done. Overall, a uniquely amazing learning experience!
— Chloe Ravel
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How You Can Join Us


Masterminds begin every January and August. 

I would love to have you join us. Apply to join right here and we'll chat soon.