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 Photography by:  Celia D. Luna

Photography by: Celia D. Luna


  • The freeing feeling when you decide to purge and fill up three giant bags for donation. 
  • The moment you walk into a new space and it feels so yummy you just want to hang out there all the time. 
  • The feeling when you’ve ended a relationship and you have a strong urge to change your physical space back to you. 
  • The day your desk is clean, your favorite candle is lit and you knock out your most creative morning in months. 

All of these moments and feelings are Feng Shui (pronounced: fung shway).


The 3,000+ year-old Chinese art of placement is based on the principle that everything around us holds energy - including our physical spaces and every item or plant that surrounds us. That energy can either hold us back or serve us as we set intentions for what we want to invite into our lives. We can make corrections and enhancements to shift that energy and create spaces that inspire, uplift and invigorate us. 



When we place things with intention in our homes and work spaces, they turn into a 3-D vision board, proclaiming and reminding us of a promise we are co-creating with the universe. Whether we are looking to increase our creativity or attract abundance, Feng Shui enhancements can create an optimal energy flow in our lives to attract what we desire.

Our spaces tell our story and manifest our truest intentions.



Feng Shui is manifested through creating your own version of beauty. If for example you move a plant to the right spot with the intention of attracting more clients into your life, you are going to now think of it every time you look at that plant. That energy exchange will happen on the daily, when you see it, care for it, water it, wink at it.

We "wake up” and activate energy wherever you need it in your home and life with water, mirrors, crystals, plants. Ultimately, my favorite enhancement to teach and cultivate is the one that has personal meaning to you. Feng Shui is truly about feeling into that energy with your intuition. 


I am passionate about helping women create spaces that support, inspire and hold them up to a higher version of themselves.

I love helping women tap into their own intuition and higher self and actively learn to create spaces that tell their story and manifest their intentions. When you learn this skill, Feng Shui becomes a part of you, part of the way you now see spaces and the world. The cycle is always to let go and create. 


our time together



We start with getting clear on the reasons you are seeking Feng Shui and the areas of your life where you would like to see improvement. We'll also chat about your interior design style & preferences and how you want to live in your space. 




Energy is imprinted on to our surroundings and can feel deliciously light or uncomfortably heavy. Before we start Feng Shui, we need to clear the energy in your space with a special energy clearing ritual. 



We take on the areas of your life that you want to work on and the intentions you want to create, using the Feng Shui Bagua Map of your space. We'll work together to move things around, declutter, explore ideas, and answer questions - in a powerful walkthrough process.  

You receive printed reference sheets with final recommendations and ideas, followed by a check in call a few weeks later


need extra help? i got you

Clutter is an energy blocker. We'll collaborate to cut down clutter in your home or office spaces and get you organized, to ensure your space reflects who you are and adapts to changes in your life in a simple way you can sustain. 


What the Shui'ers have to say

Natalia Martinez-Kalinina.jpg
This experience made me rethink Feng Shui as a practice that is much more accessible, and a common sense set of principles for bringing your intentions into your home. Now, when I walk around my house I feel like my intentions, my hopes and my objectives surround me in a very physical sense.
— Natalia Martinez-Kalinina
The entire experience felt like a healing process to me. From watching you clearing the energy, to me setting my intentions with each correction. But mapping the areas of my house was definitely my favorite part. Finding out how accurate my life was reflected in my home was unbelievable. I can not wait to apply all of your suggestions to have harmony in every single room. I will definitely not see my house the same anymore.
— Celia Sanchez
Gabriela did Feng Shui in our two story house in California. I sent her pictures and the plan of the house. Based on her recommendations I made a few minor changes including use of color, mirrors and wind chimes in certain areas, and within a day or two good things started happening for all of us in the family. The house feels lighter and I am still making changes here and there. I highly recommend her, especially if you are feeling in a rut and need to transform areas of your life!
— Lourdes Baez-Conde Garbanati

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