Setting Intentions for 2018


Ok, here's something that blows my mind.

Ever since I started The Jupiter Circle in January 2015, I have set real intentions for my business every year.

Admittedly, at times, I've been clueless about what I wanted. At times I've felt brave enough to be really, really clear and specific. Most times, it was somewhere in between.

Looking back on the past three years (whoa, it's been that long) - the good has all come true.

Yes, it's come true because I've worked my butt off. But it's also come true because I was clear and steady with those intentions.  

Here are the three (super magic and amazing) steps that have worked for me when setting intentions: 

1) Get specific: You may have an intention that you want to make a certain amount of money next year. You may have an intention to start making art consistently or to open up your own shop or private practice. Whatever intention you set - watch your words, because each one matters.

Also remember that when manifesting amazingness, sometimes the universe knows best and we shouldn't worry about the how. If all you can be specific about is how you want to feel (free, abundant, in flow, alive) that's a beautiful place to start.  

2) It's already here: When you set your intention, it is so important that you visualize and feel into that intention like it's already yours. Vision Board. Meditate. Sit still. Take a few deep breaths - whatever works for you. Trust that your future higher self has your back and will send you signs you need to know.

You'll be so thankful for this sense of knowing you're on the right path when times are tough and there are inevitable bumps in the road. It will make all the difference.

3) Make it happen: (The working hard part): Yeah, can't get away from this one. But working towards an intention that is true to you and your purpose should feel exhilarating and give you so much life.

Sitting down to strategize, telling your story and blocking time on your calendar regularly to move towards your goal should make you feel like the boss queen that you are every single day.

5 Ways to Be Bold This Week (And frankly, every day)

A theme in almost every mastermind, workshop, meeting of women entrepreneurs is owning and stepping up to your worth.

As women, we often don't think we are capable/ smart/ talented/ experienced/ hardworking/ dedicated....or essentially worthy enough

In my Saturday workshop someone said, "If we got paid to put ourselves down, we'd be millionaires."

Ouch. So yeah...let's turn that around, shall we?

Here are some ways I've found that have really helped me own my sh*t confidently (and stay in that yummy place):

1) Your How: Think about how you do what you do in a way that's unique. How do you know you are a badass? What have old bosses praised you for? Why do clients keep coming back to you? Know it and live it.  

2) Try it on for size: Weirded out about saying that you are charging a higher price from now on? Literally just say it to 3 prospective clients. Confidently. As an experiment. See what happens.

3) Accept the Love: I was the queen of the moment when I got a compliment I would deflect it right back and be all like "No, you! You're the one that's awesome." Now I say "Thank you" and I receive it. (This one was hardcore a beautiful and powerful shift for me) 

4) Tell yo self: Affirmations on a post-it, talking to yourself in the mirror, sitting in meditation and hanging with your higher self - whatever you gotta do, but remind yourself how remarkable you truly are. As frequently as possible. 

5) Do it even if it scares you:  Think you're not quite ready for that fellowship, client opportunity, new office, new team member? If your fear comes with excitement and the numbers can add up - strongly consider going for it. As a friend often reminds me, this is a good time to ask yourself "What would a man do?"

How do YOU embrace your worth?

What can you accomplish in 8 weeks?

Back in January I was looking for some accountability and support as I leveled up in my business.

There was ONE thing that made a huge difference for me.

I joined a Mastermind.

This is basically a group of people who are in the same stage in business, who meet regularly to share ideas, strategies, plans, and hold each other accountable. In my case, the people were five intuitive, magical, smart passionate women.

It lifted my soul and my monthly revenue.

The BEST part was I had enough months of a sustained business momentum that my months were not up and down anymore. I was solidly on another level. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had a "bad month."

That is exactly why I decided to create my own mastermind. 

"The Jupiter Mastermind"  - Fall 2017

"The Jupiter Mastermind"  - Fall 2017

We're six weeks into our 8-week program, and these six women have blown me away with their remarkable courage, sisterhood and accomplishments in this short period of time. They're transforming before my eyes. They're checking BIG things off their lists and seeing themselves and their businesses with new eyes.

It's solid, uplifting, sustainable change. 

I've decided I'll be hosting this mastermind three times a year.

The next round starts January 16th. Interested in learning more? Click here and let me know!




To Business Coach or to Brand Coach (First)?

Starting at the beginning is hard, when you don't know where the beginning actually is.

Friends and clients often want to know if they should work with a business or a brand coach first

When I was starting my own business I was also confused about this. I felt what we all feel - the imperative to start making money. So, a business coach helps you with that. So...they should come first, right? 

The right brand strategy session:

  • helps you connect at a purpose and soul level to what you're building
  • brings you clarity about what you are feeling called to create, and
  • shines a light on where you shine the most - the reason that people hire you or buy from you.

Lightbulbs go on all the time during this session, eyes widen and knowing smiles start to form. You get it.

Going through this process also saves you from:

  • the long, painful hassle of running down the wrong rabbit holes
  • structuring your business in a way that doesn't fit the life you want
  • working with the wrong people
  • not feeling sure about partnerships, collaborations and business decisions

When you define your brand FIRST you are sure. You are driven and motivated. You are ready to go. 

That is a badass, beautiful place to come from to then have a conversation about packages, pricing and business development with a business coach.

A time for change

Change can somehow be scary, exhilarating, difficult and exciting all at the same time.

Having lived through two layoffs and a divorce, I've also come to embrace it much more than I used to - even if it's hard. I'm much more trusting of what's on the other side.

And so (deep breath), here are aaaall the things going on...

1. We're saying goodbye to our space in Little Havana this month. That space has been so frikin good to me, but things have shifted in me and in the business and it's time to move on. If you'll miss it too (and wanna take some new selfies in that turquoise wall), see #2. 

2. I start working out of CIC Miami this week. I'm so excited to join the fam and work alongside so many incredible people. I'll also be hanging at Venture Cafe more often too. Come visit! 

3. For a while so many of you have asked for evening and weekend events. This Fall you can come hang with us foraaaaall of these free evening workshops and get your branding, social and shui on with other awesome entrepreneurs in an interactive, fun space. Really hope to see you there. 

4. Oh, and there is ONE spot left for Group Strategy Day on Saturday, November 11th (Yup! You read that right - Saturday). If you've been waiting for a weekend opportunity for this transformational day - this is iiiiiit!

5. Finally - This month I am curating Creative Mornings and we have none other than the incredible Hugette Montesinos, Founder of Disfunkshion Magazine who will be talking about being a Pioneer. RSVP here to enjoy this beautiful morning and come gimme a birthday hug this Friday. 

Let It Go and Start Fresh

I've heard this one idea over and over again from friends in the aftermath of hurricane Irma this past week:

"I can't believe I have so much stuff. Preparing for and coming back from this hurricane has given me a new perspective.
I want to live with less and with more intention." 

Home.One.Blog. .jpg

It's what I preach with Feng Shui and I found myself feeling the same way.

I came back on Monday afternoon to a home with no power to start to clean up. Suddenly corners felt cluttered, I second guessed putting things back where they were, and I had even more appreciation for things like my grandmother's mirror and saving my dreamy dining room table . 

Minimalism is resonating with so many people and theKonmari method has taken over. When you live with intention and apply this to the spaces that surround you and the things you choose to consciously keep - there's power in that.

Here are three key things to consider: 

1. Let It Go: If a space "feels" cluttered or an object "feels" wrong - trust that intuition. Odds are energy is stuck there and it's likely energy of the past that has nothing to do with you anymore. If it feels funky, let it go. 

2. Live Like You Want to Live: If you want to host people more often but you have an uninviting living room centered around the TV, it's not gonna happen. How do you want to live? Do you want to cook more? Host more? Start painting? Create a space surrounded by things that will help you want to hang out and create ritual there. 

3. Highlight Your Story: What are the things you most value about your life, your past? What you are creating? What represents your future to you? For some people it's art, music or books. For some it's a certain aesthetic and way of life. You should look at your place and think: "This space feels like me and reflects who I want to be. "

Let's let hurricane Irma be a catalyst for perspective, release and creating authentic spaces that reflect us. 

I would love to help you throughout this transformation, with a special opportunity only open the next two days


Hope you're all safe and sound following the storm.

Here's to fresh starts with intention and beauty. 

Jump In

Every year before my birthday, I have a wake up call.

It can be an existential one. Two years ago I was crying with a friend at 3:00pm over mojitos the first time I said out loud that I am an artist and a creative. One year ago, I rediscovered my love for Feng Shui and jumped into a serious study and practice.  

This year, I hired a business coach. 

I had not hired a business coach since I started my business. This time feels so different though. I feel called to step things up. I know what I'm good at and what fills my soul. I know what kind of life I want to build and I know what I'm worth.

I know where I want to go and I know I need help to get there.  

It's an investment. It's pushing me in ways I've never been pushed and it's making me wake up and step up to me. It's terrifying and it's badass and exciting at the same time. I see the changes in me - and despite the occasional freakout - I love it.  

I'll be sharing news, events, ideas and so much more on this through these emails. 

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you.

What are you ready to jump into this Fall? 

What have you been putting off? What's your own wake up call right now? 

Letting go of your old story

When I moved to Miami five years ago, I was simultaneously excited and freaking out. I was recently divorced, building a new identity, and I was leaving behind my beloved Brooklyn after 8 years.  

I placed this poster in my living room and it was the first thing you saw as you walked in the door. 

For a long time this poster brought back happy memories. Until a Feng Shui consultation earlier this year when I started crying when asked about it.

I realized was using this poster as a symbol of not letting go of my past. It was keeping me stuck in the story of who I was when I moved here - five years ago

Feng Shui explains that every single item in your home carries energy - we assign them meaning and they receive it by being in our space. 

That memory of the past that no longer serves us can be feeding us every time we walk and live in our spaces, holding us back.

Walk around your home and be mindful of any objects that stand out to you. Some questions to consider: 

  • What does it remind you of?
  • Is that still important and relevant to who you are today?
  • Does it feel good to have it around?
  • Are you ready to let go of it?
  • Would it be OK to put it in a "transition out maybe" pile of things?

The process can be intense. It's also really brave and healing.

This is part of what always comes up when I do a Feng Shui consultation and help people create homes and office spaces with a delicious energy that feeds their highest intentions.

If you're interested in learning more, there are 4 spots available every month. Fill out this form and we'll get started. 

A list of things to get over

I'm writing these words because I've been there. This list comes with loads of love and support. It's been inspired by conversations over the past few weeks.

If any of these resonate, I hope you feel a little bolder and more free at the end of this email.  

A list of things to get over (in no particular order)

1. That being authentic means copying the way "popular people" show up on social media. Being authentic means being who you are and showing up online in a way you're comfortable with. Your people will then gravitate to you. Period. 

2. That you have to post everyday in all the platforms or people won't know you on social media. This is super backwards, especially in an oversaturated content world. Spend real time on content that you're proud of. People will see it, see you and love it. Quality over quantity every time.  

3. Defining yourself as anti-something. It is always so much more powerful to be for something than against something. What are you for? Frame the conversation your way. If you wanna make sure you're seen differently - show up differently. People can tell.  

4. Letting other people have the final say in whether something is right for you. Having people who love you and are willing to share advice is so important. That network of support can mean the world. However, whether it's a business decision or taking a certain direction with your brand - your instinct is your most powerful ally and your greatest truth. You have the final say.  

5. That there is one path for success and "this is the only formula." F that. F that. F that. I fell for this when I started my business because there was so much I didn't know. Find teachers, coaches, content, partners, who will acknowledge your unique gifts, your ingenuity and support you when you trust your gut. Be weary of formulas.   

It's the middle of the year, queens. We have big dreams we're meant to accomplish, and I thought a little July-shaking-off-some-limiting-beliefs would help. 

What do you think of these? Do you have others to add?  

Coming Home

There’s a feeling I get when I’m about to walk into my home. Suddenly I'm inspired, in a space that embodies my vibe and tells my story. I'm surrounded by beautiful things that represent my aspirations.
My love of spaces and décor goes back to when I was a teen. It was always a hobby, a side passion. There seemed to be no room for a serious pursuit of art, beauty or spirituality. 

Last year everything changed.

I began studying Feng Shui and I’ve fallen in love with it.Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of shifting the energy in your life through shifting the energy in your home. You can do this through energy clearing, placement, enhancing & curing areas of your home, and decorating with intention. 

Practicing this art has felt like coming home. I’ve been shui'ing away on the down-low, honing my craft and trusting my instincts. Nothing has ever felt so right or come more naturally to me. 

I’ve Feng Shui’d over 20 homes and offices, and I’ve found that so much comes down to our stories. 

Branding is about how we define, own and tell our stories to the world. Feng Shui is about the stories we tell ourselves. 

Those stories determine our experiences - whether we want to attract love, money, creativity or health. They can be limiting or inspiring. They're at the heart of what’s possible with Feng Shui

I want your spaces to feel like you and tell the story of your truest and highest-self. I want them to be a reminder and a source of magical intentions for your boldest dreams.

I’m opening up one spot per week for Feng Shui home or office consultations.

Please know that branding will still very much continue to be my jam. It’s all going down under the increasingly bold and large umbrella that is The Jupiter Circle

Thanks for being such a cool, supportive community that it feels natural and easy sharing my life-long, secret-until-now passions with you all. 

Complete this form if you’re interested in learning more?

How to sell on social media

"...but I don't wanna sound salesy, creepy, desperate."

I get it because I've been there. Whenever it's time to promote on social media - a product, a workshop, a service, and you delay it, you become postponing queen, you half-ass it or you don't do it at all. 

There's a lot of work we need to do as women to become more comfortable with the idea of selling and money. 

But aside from that, you CAN learn a few tips that will help you promote your thing in a way that doesn't leave you feeling like a used car salesman. Trust me. 

Here are some things to understand:

  • Your people WANT to find you and buy your product/ service/ experience.
  • This thing you're creating, your people need it. When that becomes clear, you're coming from a place of service rather than selling.
  • Know your worth and don't apologize for it. The people that will value it are out there. Your thing is not for everyone. If they're right for you, they'll come back later. 

Here are some ways you can *sell* on social media. Tell the story of the thing you are offering. Here's what that actually means: 

  • Why did you make it?
  • What was the story of how it all started?
  • Have you helped anyone? How?
  • What is the impact you want to create with what you are building?
  • A subtle secondary message can remind people exactly - where to click to buy your thing, how to contact you for an appointment, the details of your event. (People need to hear exactly what the steps are and what to do next).

What are *you* selling these days? How are things going? 
If you are interested in a one-on-one strategy session I would love to chat with you! There are a few spots left in June. Hit reply and let me know?

Start with getting vulnerable

Connect Miami - 10 days to connect with someone across lines of difference starts today! This is an amazing initiative led by our friends at Radical Partners and there are dozens of events happening this week to join. On Wednesday at 4PM EST, I'm hosting a Connect Miami Women Across Generations Facebook Live (and I know you have something to add to that conversation)! Grab your headphones and join in! 

{Below is my blog post in honor of Connect Miami}. 

Start with Getting Vulnerable

The moment I heard about “Connect Miami” I fell in love with the idea. Community and inclusion are two of the values that are closest to who I am. I strive to have an impact where people from different backgrounds, experiences and colors feel more connected and a greater sense of belonging.

With “Connect Miami” we have ten days when we are invited to put ourselves out there into new experiences with new people with whom we normally wouldn’t interact. That could mean going to a neighborhood you’ve never been, truly listening to someone with a different opinion, or having a real conversation with someone with a very different life experience.

It got me thinking deeper about what it really takes to truly connect with someone.

I work with women entrepreneurs, helping them define a brand that is authentic to who they are and their vision. I coach them to see that when they’re able to show up – vulnerably and authentically – that’s when others feel connected to them and they can grow their tribes. When others can see the truest part of you, past the walls we all carry, that’s the part that connects us all.

Brené Brown says that “vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” I think this is at the core of what “Connect Miami” represents. We’re being asked to start from a place of knowing that we don’t have all the answers. We’re being asked to vulnerably take a chance, to see what we hadn’t seen before, go where we hadn’t gone before, talk to someone we wouldn’t have spoken to before.

Vulnerability means being willing to see yourself and others with compassion, to see the whole person in front of you, to be humble enough to realize we could be surprised, enlightened, moved, or inspired where we least expect it.

It’s about acknowledging that every person has a story and every person is worthy of someone to see and listen to them.

I’m excited for this opportunity where we can each find the strength and courage to be vulnerable enough to truly see one another. I trust there will be some consciousness shifting that will last far past those ten days, and will ultimately help us carry a little vulnerability everyday into being better people and a better city.

Watch that community groooow!

When you're in your groove with your content on social media there are two clear way of knowing it's resonating with others:

  • More people are engaging with you and your content (comments, DM's, Likes) and
  • More people are following you. 

I've met so many entrepreneurs with amazing accounts and so much potential and yet - those numbers for engagement and total followers seem kind of stagnant. 

The reason is we need to learn to engage the right people in theright places in order to start to see an impact. It truly is a matter of replicating your behavior offline to get to know people - but at a wider scale online.

Ask yourself:

  • How much time do you spend everyday proactively seeking out your people online and engaging with them?
  • How personally do you engage with them?
  • How many quality connections do you make regularly?
  • Do you know where to find your people?
  • How strategically are you using hashtags?
  • How quickly and organically are your followers growing?

This really isn't about numbers. This is about finding the people that are going to be excited to have found you and building a quality relationship with them through amazing content and engagement.

One tip to get you started - set a timer everyday and search hashtags and accounts that are related to you and your brand. Click through the people engaging with that content and interact proactively with them. You'll be surprised at the quality connections you'll make.

Let's get personal

A question I always get when teaching workshops is how to deal with getting personal on your brand's social media.

Friday's workshop was all about just that - bringing more of your life, your vibe (thoughts, feelings, passions), your personality into your brand and your ongoing content.

There were some very cautious faces in the room. 

I soon realized there were so many different things holding people back from showing up authentically online, and they ranged from: a fear of being criticized, of how getting personal could hurt their business to a fear of just regretting doing it. 

There are a few universal truths when it comes to branding as entrepreneurs, but one certain one is that people connect with people. To the extent you show up as you are - you will attract the right customers and it will bring you real business.

We took a moment to let ourselves imagine that even if there are a few people who aren't digging us, there could be exponentially more people that would know us and be so excited to follow, engage with us and support us. What if

This week I invite you to a challenge. 

Post something on your brand's social media that feels personal.

It could be:

  • The story of why you started your business.
  • The reason you wake up energized to do this work.
  • The people in your life that matter the most to you.
  • The passions you have outside of work that fuel who you are.
  • The things you're most grateful for in your life and/ or business.

Use the hashtag #jupitersocial. And just see what happens. See how people react to you sharing more of you who are with them. See how seamlessly that starts to blend with what you do and how strongly that connects with others.

On Being Present

On Wednesday I received a message from a friend. These words stood out: "Solange", "private show", "noon", "PAMM", "tomorrow", "hurry!" A Seat At The Table has quickly become one of my favorite albums and I immediately get a ticket. 

Oh, and one more thing. "They'll take your phone for the show." Ok. 

I went alone. It would be my experience. It was undoubtedly one of the most special performances I've ever witnessed - the choreography, the incredible music, the soul, the heart, the energy was delicious. We were enclosed in one of the private auditoriums and it felt like we were in the most amazing dream. 

For the first 15 minutes or so, I found my hands reaching for my phone (that wasn't there) to somehow document what I was witnessing. 

When my brain finally realized that this was it, that the present moment was my one chance to take this in and live it, that's what I did. I made friends with the people around me, I danced with strangers, I sang out loud, I was so aware and fully living it, and on several occasions the #blackgirlmagic I was witnessing moved me to tears.

And I didn't have my phone. I didn't document it and yes, it really happened. 

I spend my days helping women show up authentically online. I certainly don't intend for online to be the only way we show up. I'm coming to understand just how deeply our addiction to our phones is impacting and limiting how we live. 

The past few days I've been charging my phone outside of my bedroom at night, I've been putting my phone in separate case in my bag to make it less accessible. I also have my son call me out if he sees me grab my phone while I'm driving.

I want to live more tapped into what I felt at that concert. I want to live alive and awake and present, and look at people in the eye without reaching for my phone. And yes, later, with time consciously set aside - I want to write beautiful content reflective of my experiences and my point of view and - also - connect with people online.  

Have a wonderful - and present- week! 

The power of setting boundaries

It doesn't sound like the sexiest topic....and yet, it makes space for the most interesting part of you.

One of the major truths of content marketing as an entrepreneur is that the more you are willing to put yourself "out there", the more successful you will be.

The reason? People connect with people. The more you come across as a real human, with passions and interests, the more your people will connect with your content, your brand...and you.

Now, there are some people that hear this and hyperventilate or argue why that just won't work for them. For them and for everyone else - boundaries are the most powerful thing you can define. 

You need to get clear on what you won't talk about

What parts of your life will always stay private? Is there anyone in your life who won't be on your social media? How open will you be about your life, plans, dreams, vision, insights?

Doing this exercise: (1) gets you clear and (2) opens you up to a world of what you can and maybe even want to talk about.

You can be subtle about it. You can open up to the extent that you're comfortable. More importantly, you can make it your own.

We're gonna dig into all of this and more in "Bring Life to Your Brand" on April 28th from 9:30am - 1:00pm. Break out of the mold and let your social media start to sound as unique and amazing as you are. Only a few spots left! Hope to see youthere


Stop sounding "vanilla"




These are all words that people use when describing how they want to be perceived on social media. 

Although those words are solid and should absolutely come across - I absolutely don't want those to be the first words that people use when they describe your online presence. Why? Because there are so many flavors out there and these words are...vanilla. 

How we come across online is a function of so many things, and it includes the content we choose to share and the way we show up - what I call your "vibe". 

Especially if you are reaching consumers directly as an entrepreneur, I want people to use words like "exciting", "warm", "friendly", "cool", and "thrilling" to describe you instead. 

What you're really trying to do is invite people to fall in love with your brand. 

The way you do it is you show a human. You set the boundaries you're comfortable with and then you infuse your personality and pieces of your life into your brand - however you are most comfortable. 

Ask yourself these questions about your online presence:

  • How do you express yourself?
  • How authentically are you showing up?
  • Does your brand feel like you?
  • Does it feel like a robot wrote it?
  • Does your copy sound like the way you speak? 

If people are going to buy into you, they're going to need to see and feel that human touch and feel *your* vibe. 

We're gonna get down and real with digging up your authentic vibe and translating it into social media content on April 28th from 9:30am - 1:00pm at the next The Jupiter Social workshop, "Bring Life To Your Brand." I so hope you'll join us!

The dream of a gorgeous feed

When I started my business in January 2015, I walked into Whole Foods one day with Nadia. I took a photo of these orchids on display. Nadia saw my photo (left), then grabbed my phone, knelt down in three different ways and took her own photo (right). 

On that day I realized that after years in advertising, I could tell when something was well done, but I needed to learn a few things if I wanted to create beautiful images myself.

There's a reason creatives know their thing, and that photographer and designer Instagram accounts are so beautiful. 

Since then I've learned two major things: 

1) My feed doesn't have to be perfectly beautiful and styled like a photographer or a designer. That's not what I'm selling. But...

2) There are simple design & photography principles and tips to make my photos and graphics look exponentially better!  Today I feel happy with a consistent brand on my social media that tells a cohesive visual story.  

Learning to be mindful of my brand colors, my margins, my fonts, and having my go-to apps to create graphics and edit photos has been a game-changer for me. 

I've also been able to apply what I've learned about what works from an engagement standpoint. I know for my brand what a "compelling" image actually means. My feed looks 500% better.

If I can learn to do this, you can too...

If your visuals could use a little help, I invite you join us on March 31st from 9:30am - 3:00pm for "Creating Gorgeous Visuals", the third in The Jupiter Social workshop series. We'll dive into: 

  • Photography fundamentals
  • Graphic design fundamentals
  • Using fonts and colors
  • Account inspiration 
  • Canva tutorial 

You'll practice styling for your brand photos, iphoneography, playing with some of the best apps out there for photo editing and making graphics. It'll be fun and you'll be surrounded by entrepreneurs sharing their feedback and ideas. 

This week only the workshop is available for $120 ($30 discount) using this link. Hope to see you there! 

Have an amazing week!

Where are you coming from?

When you sit down to write content for your brand, what's going through your heart and mind?

Is it... 
"This sounds silly/ stupid"
"I wonder what people are going to think about this"
"I sound ridiculous"
"This isn't me"? 

I've noticed so much hesitation and self-doubt when coaching women to find their voice. Beyond all the accomplishments and strong persona these women have - putting yourself and your brand out there is a pretty vulnerable thing to do.

But being deep in your self-doubt and overly concerned with others is just a crappy place to be coming from when showing the world who you are.

One thing I often recommend people do when they feel this way is that they grab a journal and just write. If you're a voice-note person, send yourself a voice recording. Be free to go on and on about the topic you'd like to discuss - whether it's your expertise or your personal life. Do it for you - fearlessly and privately. A day later, come back to it. See if there are any pieces of what you expressed that you would feel comfortable sharing with the world. And if so, go ahead and do it.

We can all get wrapped up in wondering how we're coming across. We forget we're all on the same boat. We're all putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable in one way or another doing so. When we start practicing boldly being ourselves and sharing our passions - that's the true beginning of connecting as a brand and as people.