Back to the motherland, for the first time


I was born in Mexico City on the early hours of an October Monday morning. This often comes as a surprise to people that know me, because I grew up in Dominican Republic and my entire family is Dominican. Nevertheless, in 1980, my parents were getting their Master’s degrees in Mexico City (My mother received a scholarship when she was already pregnant with me and they decided they could make it work!), and so - I lived in Mexico City for the first two years of my life.

I have never been back, and I’ll be landing there with my son in one week.

Have you ever felt land calling you? Maybe it’s a dream destination or somewhere you used to live? That wanderlust that takes over you and won’t let go? The one that has you unsubscribing from stores’ newsletters so you can spend your money on travel? Well, CDMX called me - around April - and I dutifully listened. I purchased tickets for my son and I for two weeks. (It’s also the longest I’ve ever been ANYWHERE).

This year has been so deeply transformational, in ways I never could have imagined. It makes sense that I would go back to the beginning, for an opportunity to ground on the land of my birth and see what emerges from there.

How does all this relate to my business? Deeply. This trip will be an opportunity to explore, be, connect with friends, make unforgettable memories with my son - and create SPACE. I find that every year the same urgency for space and creation comes around in the Summer. It’s an opportunity to NOT be in the hustle of the day to day, to step outside of my usual space and routine and see what emerges.

The old doesn’t feel right anymore AND I don’t have full clarity on exactly what’s next.

That fact alone would have driven me insane in the past. I’ve been working on this surrendering business, and honestly it never ends - and it’s perfect and beautiful. As I shift, my business shifts. Outside of Las Comadres, today I’m not quite 100% sure what else is next for me. Sharing the uncertainty and the messiness of this process is crucial for me, because as entrepreneurs I know many of us feel it.

The good thing is that this feeling uneasy, restless, and confused can be the beginning of making the kind of space you need to continue to shift as a woman and as a business owner. I suggest we embrace it, we book travel (even if you drive an hour away), and we let those answers come.

I leave you with some pics of my 1.5yr old self running around Mexico City. Recommendations for things to do, places to eat, where the best markets are - are totally welcome ;)