What will this Summer mean for you?

Miami sloooows down in the Summer. For many entrepreneur friends this can feel scary - because it is perceived to mean that their business must slow down as well.

Let's say it loud. We have the power to create the opportunities, the momentum, the abundance that we seek. And yes, we can do it even in the Summer in South Florida.

Once this sinks in, it is incredibly powerful. You stop being subject to circumstances. You know you are the creator of your life (and business). 

For me the Summer is also an opportunity for space to create. The slowing down allows me to learn, re-evaluate, plan new projects. Las Comadres was born last Summer as an idea during my travels. The longer days naturally bring integration of things I've been working to learn. It all becomes part of me. 

I invite you to feel into what this Summer can mean for you, and go for it. 

What are you craving this Summer? If you've been reading these emails for a while waiting for an opportunity to jump in, I invite you to do it now. Shift your energy this June and decide 2019 is gonna be frikin' magic. 

There are two really amazing experiences coming up, and I would love for you to join me: 

  1. I am re-launching my Abundant Soul Online Mastermind this Summer. It was a beautiful experience last year. This year, 12 women get to do the soul work that will create a deep knowing, trust, and confidence in them to create the business of their dreams. If you'd like to be one of them you can check out more info here and book time with me hereP.S. This is a really exclusive experience and I won't be sharing too much about it. If you're interested, go for it now, lady. We want you in here.  

  2. Las Comadres opens up for registration again this Saturday, June 15th!This community is getting stronger than ever and is a real space for connection, business growth, and sisterhood for 100+ women in South Florida. Be the first to know the second we open for registration here

P.S. We're having our Las Comadres Pop-Up Social at the Nautilus on June 28th! Come happy hour with your Comadres! RSVP here