How do you feel on Monday mornings?


It's Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. What's the first thing that comes into your mind? How do you feel? Are you running a to-do list through your head? Are you thinking you didn't get enough sleep? Are you feeling guilty that you snoozed too many times? 

Since I started my business in 2014, Monday mornings didn't "suddenly get magical." I could no longer blame the company or the boss or the work environment anymore. It was all me, and with that came great power...and yes, great responsibility. 

"Holy sh*t, it's ALL on me now.

These words came up like a wave every Monday morning and terrified me. Monday mornings became a symbol of my potential, my commitment, my drive, my joy, my purpose. Some weeks that was all definitely too much to handle. It got easier over time. With a new week, came new possibilities. What would I create this week? How would I move forward with my goals?

Here are some strategies I used to actively believe in myself and start Mondays with an open heart and excited to get things done: 

  • Remember your WHY: Why did you start this in the first place? That sense of purpose will carry you through thick and thin with your business. 

  • Ground yourself: What do you need to ease into your day? Is it stretching? A quiet cup of coffee? Time at your altar? Make time and space for that morning ritual. 

  • Get moving: I make sure I work out right after I drop off my son at school on Monday mornings. I know there's science behind this making you feel good. Trust me. It works. 

  • Get clear: What do you want to accomplish this week? What 1-2 big things will you get done each day this week? The rest is a bonus. 

  • Find your joy: You're setting the mood for your whole week! So wear that bright red lipstick, sing in the car, dance in your living room, and make yourself a really good breakfast. Whatever brings you joy, make room for it.  


I've taken my most sacred and strategic business practice, and I'm bringing this baby out into the world for you. I'll walk you through getting the structure, rituals, inspiration, and organization you need to blow your own mind with the business you always dreamed of.
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