The day everything changed with my business

Hats Off to You! (1).png

Last December - 2 months after I started the Las Comadres community - a friend and member asked me to coffee. The first words out of her mouth were "I have some feedback about Las Comadres, Gaby."

It wasn't all rosy. Keeping it 100% honest with you, my heart sank. At the same time, I was intrigued and deeply listening. I knew this feedback came from love, and from a woman who had the courage to look me in the eye and share her truth. Something in me woke upI knew that this was actually an invitation to shift and level up. Something in me chose to embrace it

After that day, we enhanced our experience to amplify the already magical vibes, and give them structure, so EVERY Comadre could feel welcomed, embraced and inspired:

  • We surveyed our community

  • We started a Madrinas program where Comadres step up to be leaders and host events every month

  • We started the Comadres Masterclasses program, where Comadres can teach us all about their business and their passions, and 

  • We started the Accountability program, where Comadres are matched in groups of three to hold each other accountable to their dreams

March is the month we are celebrating and embracing COURAGE. It's not always easy, but it is deeply worth it. That conversation could have put me in a deep funk. I chose to let it uplift all of us, and I'm so grateful. 

I am learning everyday to embrace the stages of growth - including the messy ones AND ask for feedback along the way. That's how I stay in integrity and proudly stand by everything I'm creating.

What can you do this month to embrace courage? Is it asking for feedback? Going for a big project? Building a consistent support structure around you? Raising your prices?

Las Comadres is the most wonderful and magical thing that I've ever created, and I'm so excited to open it up for enrollment from March 15th - March 31st. It's frikin magic in here. We've got a whole crew of women committed to one another. I so hope to see you there.