When your path changes

Mastermind Session

Mastermind Session

At some point in the Summer last year, I stopped being 100% consistent with my newsletter. After 2.5 years of solidly showing up...I felt a bit lost when I tried to write - which had never happened to me before. 

You see, 2018 was the year I fully stepped into my business as "myself".

The backstory: In 2009, I began doing Communications and Marketing work because I wanted to work at my dream non-profit, Planned Parenthood Federation of America in NYC. I took a 50% pay cut to handle online communications with Latinos and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

"Marketing" was ultimately circumstantial in my life. It was a means to an end. Soon after, agency life followed - in NYC and in Miami. When I started my business, it was a social media agency. When I started coaching women entrepreneurs and teaching workshops it was in Communications, Marketing, Branding, Social Media. Many of you have been along for the ride since those days in 2015.

Last year something massive happened. I dove deep into hosting masterminds. They were originally intended to be a space to help women "tell their story". Along the way, something pretty magical happened. We began talking about shadow work, setting intentions, manifesting, confidence, knowing your purpose and your truth - alongside conversations about business, strategy, and growth. 

This went far beyond Marketing, and it rattled me. Am I a Business Coach now? Am I one of those "Soul of your Business" people? One thing was for sure, I changed and I wasn't thinking about rebrand myself. Instead I jumped into projects that fed my soul - fully as me - like starting a new women entrepreneur community, and longer, more transformational mastermind experiences. The changes were still happening. 

This December it all became crystal clear and became solidified. I am excited to share the details with you all in the next email (in two weeks). In the meantime, I'll share this: A client told me this past Summer that I was the Madrina (godmother) of women entrepreneurs in Miami, and it sparked a full self rediscovery. More to come soon. 

If you're going through a transformation, or your business does not look like what you planned, remember that you get to do whatever you want. It's YOUR business. You get to have a transition period, you get to have a time when everything isn't perfectly branded, you get to take time off from being super public, and you get to be open to whatever that new version of you looks like. 

It's taken me six months, and I'm so glad I listened.  

Happy 2019, friends!