The annual lessons post

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

I’m writing this from Santo Domingo. It’s fitting that I’m closing out this year in the land where I grew up, deep in my roots. 

I feel like I was riding a wave this whole year, trying my hardest to lead it a certain way. I am only now understanding the journey of 2018. 

This year I moved into a little house that I love with my son. I made masterminds a cornerstone of my business. I started Las Comadres. I sold out my first online mastermind. I traveled most of the Summer, and saw dear old friends. 

I also ended a relationship with a man I thought I would marry. I dug deep this year and did THE WORK at another level. I died 1,000 times with ancestral healing work in a sister circle. I shifted and aligned my behavior with my intentions with deep spiritual and personal development work. It hurt and I struggled. I connected to my bruja roots and embraced them head on. Gracias eternas, Ogún

About that wave I thought I was directing myself? I wasn’t. It’s no wonder my word for 2019 is Surrender. 

And are my lessons of 2018: 

If you want A, don’t say yes to B.  (Assuming B is a shittier version of A). If you do, you’re cheating yourself, and the universe keeps sending you more of B. Apply to relationships, clients, money, etc. 

Money is energy. You can attract as much as you’re ready for. Once this clicks you stop being afraid of it. It’s absolutely revolutionary. 

People will seek you out for being YOU. The more you are playing to your gifts and your talents, the more you will attract dream clients, partners, etc. 

ACKNOWLEDGE the blessings in your life to receive more. The good things in your life? They are not random. Receive AND acknowledge them. You’ll stay in the vibration of receiving more. 

Community is EVERYTHING. It holds us together. It is sacred. I knew this before, but wow did I confirm it this year. Las Comadres is such a haven and keeps us feeling seen, supported, and inspired. 

Constructive feedback is the best way to GROW.  The people that truly love you will give it to you straight. Friends did this for me this year. It hurt my ego and my heart embraced it. Luckily, my heart won. 

I can be IMPERFECT and still SHOW UP. I don’t have to be “healed” or “perfect” to be deserving and worthy. I already am. I get to simply keep showing up – for myself, my son, my community, for love – scared, flawed, unsure and faithful. 

That was 2018. I’m dizzy and smiling, as my island embraces me at this moment. I don’t get it all just yet, and that’s cool. I’m still here. 

I would love to hear from you.

What were your lessons of 2018? What lessons sunk in this year for good?