I'll do it later...


My clients often say that they love the vibe of the women I bring together. They are soulful, passionate, purpose-driven women who want to bring beauty and connection into the world.
As in every community, there are some women who are really active within the group, and there are some who purposely chime in from time to time.
Finally, there are the women who are quietly waiting for the right moment to make their moves. They’re reading newsletters and Instagram posts. They haven’t really talked about the thing they wanna do. They are waiting.
This is a love note to you.
I believe in divine timing. I know what it’s like to know it is the right time to make a big move.
But I’ve also seen how waiting can be the thing that indefinitely holds us back. Waiting can be our downfall.
So many of us are waiting for a feeling, a sense of security, a sign, enough money, enough time to do what we know in our heart we really want to do.
Here’s the thing – that magic moment never comes.
All of us who crossed to the other side of entrepreneurship, we did it scared shitless.
We closed our eyes and we jumped. We have good days and we have hard days. For most of us, when we look at the big picture, the alternative of going back to our old life is no longer an option. You keep pushing, you have a supportive community along with you, you get wiser, you take leaps. You fall. You get up. You keep going. It gets so much easier.
The fear never fully goes away. But damn, when you take this leap to follow your dreams you feel unstoppable. You feel like you can do anything. You stop hiding and you find SO. MUCH. STRENGTH.
So this is my invitation to you. Stop just reading and dreaming and start DOING the thing. Register for an LLC, offer your services to a friend to practice, make your first piece of art. Whatever your thing is, take action, queen.