It's Here! The Abundant Soul, Online Mastermind

For a long time I had a ton of resistance to creating any kind of experience online. I felt like they could never replicate the intimate, deep, transformational insights and work I helped to facilitate with my in-person experiences.

But the idea kept bubbling up with me, again and again.

It's funny the things we hold back from, the stories we tell ourselves.

Over time, it just became clear. I saw my own B.S. story. I realized I can let go of the resistance. I can do this online program my way.

It will be soulful, deep, strategic, intimate, built on connections, designed to create transformations - and it will happen online. 

And if I was going to go bold, I was going to go big. I am thrilled to announce a program based on the REAL work I've BEEN doing with women.

A good friend recently shared "It's funny how women walk into your workshops and think they're gonna get help with branding."

The truth is there is SO much more. We talk about our shadows and our blocks. We hold ourselves and each other in a supportive light. We do energy work. We believe in what we can accomplish. We  get excited. We shift perspectives and we shift our stories. And then, we can't wait to do everything to keep moving in this direction.

That work is the Abundant Soul, Online Mastermind

For six weeks this Summer, it will be an experience for 10 women ready to dive in.

We start on June 18th. You can learn ALL about it here.