You can do hard things (three magic questions!)

There's always something.

No matter where you are in your journey, there is always a next step that seems scary and unreachable. There's always a moment where your shadows seem to want to take over and do a self sabotage number on you.

The thing is, as long as you are moving forward and growing, that feeling never really goes away. (ok, the hard news is out).  

So what can you control?

How can you know you're moving in the right direction, even if it feels scary?

Here are my own "intuition check" questions that I ask myself every time I'm in a new stage of my business:

1) Is this aligned with the vision & values of my business?
This goes to the core of why you built this thing in the first place and what you stand for. Ask yourself, is this step moving me forward in that direction? 

2) Is this aligned with the way I want to live (or getting me closer to it)?
Think about the kind of business you want to run and what phase of your business you are in, and weigh it against your ideal day. Sometimes you'll need to work harder, but it shouldn't make you feel trapped. 

3) Is it something that won't let you go?
Is there a feeling that keeps coming back, again and again? You keep thinking about it, opportunities surface, helpful people surface? Get quiet and listen in to your intuition. Sounds like you should follow and see where it leads.