Do it for you, not "for the gram"

Do you remember the last time you were doing something that was so fun and amazing that (gasp!), you forgot to capture it on Instagram?

Do you remember what it felt like? The colors? The sounds? The vibe?

We have become so consumed by the ability to share everything in our lives that the platforms have taken over. We are so consumed with sharing moments that we are forgetting to live them.

And of course, it feels overwhelming, like a chore.

I love Instagram, and I often take weekend breaks from it. I force myself to take those breaks especially when I'm doing something particularly stunning. I may take some pictures to share later. but I am committed to living more and being on my phone less. 

I understand there are exceptions to this, but here's the loop that has worked for me: 

  • You put your phone away
  • You live life! 
  • You get inspired
  • You grab your phone and take a few pics/ videos
  • You put your phone away
  • You feel more creative, in flow, you get a million ideas
  • Then you share - with soul, intention, strategy and heart (ideally you also have a scheduling platform as a tool).

I know it's a balance. There's so much pressure to share every single moment and build your brands this way. I also know how my phone can suck me in and I refuse to do life that way. 


If you're interested in a more heart-centered, strategic, not overwhelming way to tell your story, Group Strategy Day on April 17th has three spots left. Join us?