But...do you know how good you *really* are?


I recently asked one of the women in my Mastermind to do something transformational.

Are you ready?

I asked her to pick up the phone and call people she has worked with before and ask them about the experience. (Ok, I asked her to text them before to arrange a time to chat, but yes). 

Does the idea of doing this make you feel weird, a little icky, uncomfortable? And when you listen, do you really listen?

I can honestly say I only started *really* listening last Summer.
It felt weird. I would collect feedback on surveys and read it a little apprehensively. Even if I knew it was positive, it felt strange to hear someone praising me.

And then it it clicked. 

I will only know and own how good I am when I'm able to listen to and receive from the people I'm serving.

I seriously wanna tattoo it on my forehead cause that's how monumental this concept actually is. So what does this mean for you? How can we baby step out of the weirdness of it all?

First, start by not changing the conversation when someone is thanking you or sharing feedback. Force yourself for a few minutes to just listen. When you're ready, build into your process a request for feedback and stick to it. Read the words. Understand those words are meant to remind you of how amazing you are and help you keep getting better.

It feels a little weird, I know. And it's an absolute MUST to be able to step into how good you really are.