Tired of letting fear run the show

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about fear and the creative process. She says we can see our fear, recognize when it's valuable. We can even have a relationship with fear that is healthy, but fear will not be in the driver seat. It has to sit in the passenger seat and it cannot control the radio.

In working with women entrepreneurs I see so many cases of fear running the show. I recognize it because I was there too. 

Three years ago I was starting this business, and I was operating almost exclusively out of a state of freaking the heck out almost all the time.

That's how I made decisions, that's how I accepted work, that's how I reacted when things went wrong. 

Over time, I've become so much more confident and sure of my decisions for my business. I've learned to bank on me. 


Two BIG CLEAR things led me on this path: 

1) Learning to build a business by getting closer to truth, my gifts, my purpose and passions every single day, and

2) Finding a community of soulful, remarkable, inspiring, supportive women going through it with me. 

I've created an 8-week Mastermind program designed around these two magical pieces.

It starts in April and it's going to be amazing. We meet in my home. We vision board, we strategize, we support one another and we hustle in a natural flow for 8-weeks together.

This experience has already been transformational for 18 women. I would love to have you join this next round. 

If this experience is speaking to you, I would love to connect and welcome you to our tribe.