Get Five New Sisters

On the first day of our Masterminds something incredible and transformational happens.

Women walk in excited, a little hesitant, determined to get into action with their business or project and finally speak their truth.

By the end of the day, they also have five new sisters and a soul connection to everyone in the room.

It starts as they each tell their story and they realize we are all the same.

The struggles, the celebrations, the strategies and the ideas somehow are universally relevant. They're taking notes and coming up with ideas as we strategize for everyone in the room.

The stars always align so that the right group of women show up. Together they are so ready to dive in and also so excited to support one another - whether it's feedback, an introduction, coming to their event, or that loving text reminder that gets you moving and in your flow.

There is a sense of knowing that lifting one another up inevitably lifts us all up. I'm honored to host this kind of magic. 

N A T U R E.png

Our April Mastermind dates are now here!

It is an eight-week program and we meet three days:

Tuesday, April 3rd
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 22nd

We have group calls, vision boarding parties, and you have access to me the entire period to accomplish your goals and move your dreams forward.

For a period of eight weeks we hustle harder, we get in the flow of telling our stories and seeing the loop of how that grows our business, we get five new sisters. 

Let's chat about getting you in here. :)