What do I need right now, clarity or strategy?


Previously I shared the (admittedly insane) story of how quickly I decided to become an entrepreneur, and how I learned to see investing in myself for my business as an alternative to "going back to school". 

Soon I learned that I had two major needs when it came to my business. I've brought on coaches depending on what I need in a particular season: 

Sometimes, I needed more clarity to figure out exactly what I wanted, what I needed to create, what was my purpose, my calling? How could I get in touch with my intuition to make decisions about what was right for me? How could I flow through my days with rituals that reinforce my intention and my power. 

In those moments, I hired healers, I went to readings, I took the Creative Insight Journey course with Jennifer Grace. I joined programs that would help me connect to my divine feminine power with Dr. Katherine Coder

Right now, I'm deepening my spiritual connection and power and bringing it full force to my community and business. I've been working with Lara-Rose Duong, aka "The Rich Witch". 

Some other times, I had a clear goal of solid transformation. I had a crystal clear picture of exactly where I wanted to be. In those moments, I have skyrocketed with the right business coach. 

This was the case last year for me. After knowing Luly B. for a year, I came to her and told her we needed to work 1-1. I already knew it was happening, and I secretly prayed it wouldn't bankrupt me (it didn't!), because I had already decided it was happening. My business took a decidedly new chapter working with her. I came with an agenda every time, I got the work done. 

I realized that I'm wired to experience and guide women through BOTH clarity and strategy, which is why every program I create flows through both of these seamlessly. We'll be discussing how you face your shadow and resistance with money, and immediately defining a step-by-step, multi-layered marketing plan to launch your new service.

There are a few limited spots for an online and an in-person mastermind I'm starting in January. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more!

(Part II)