When to use Strategy or Intuition?

Sometimes we get stuck, because this is not something we'll solve "with our head".

Have you ever felt resistance to moving forward with an idea, a project, a launch for your business?

I've learned that this is a time to sit and listen.

Many times we are moving forward with projects because it's what everyone else is doing, it's what we're "supposed" to do, it's the seemingly logical next step. And yet, we're stuck...we don't seem to want to move forward with it. 

That resistance is often a warning that this next step is not for us. 

So much of the work in our masterminds is about asking the questions that resonate with your intuition and invite that reflection. It's a moment that has saved women from starting the wrong businesses, spending entirely too much energy on a particular service or offering that doesn't really work for them, jumping in on the wrong partnership or collaboration. 

That moment always brings an immense amount of relief. Suddenly, it's like a load has been lifted off their shoulders. Soon after they're able to see clearly, and the strategy and action flows naturally in the right direction. 

Letting your intuition guide you is like a muscle. This is exactly the kind of work we dive into in our Abundant Soul, in-person mastermind

I am so proud to announce the Abundant Soul (in-person) mastermind for 2019 is open for registration. 

This will be a transformational experience for six women ready to bring their soul into their business and flow with their strategies from their truth and intuitively guided. 

Each mastermind group is limited to six women entrepreneurs. You can learn all about our program right here. 

You can learn all about this program right here. I would love for us to hop on the phone about it soon. Find a time to chat right here