Is 2019 your year to LAUNCH?

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Going from side hustle to boss

It happened so organically. Patty, Laura and I were talking about the shared frustrations we hear from the women entrepreneurs we work with. We realized that between the three of us, we have all the pieces (Marketing, Sales, Accounting + Budgeting) they need to succeed in running their businesses. 

And so, LAUNCH was born, a one-year program to set a strong foundation, a clear vision and a kickass business plan that supports you with a sustainable business that is true to you.

Every month we will have a special workshop, coaching, and the accountability you need to (really and finally) do this. 

learn ALL about LAUNCH here.


One more thing! Come to our party?  

We would love to invite you to a special party on Friday, October 5th to learn more about LAUNCH, meet other women entrepreneurs, and dive in with us.

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