An Invitation to Step Into your Abundant Soul

Early last year I realized something that shocked and transformed me.

No matter how good my life was or how much money I was making - I was still in an energy of lack. I felt like I deserved just a little bit - of money, success, security, love. I then started to see the same belief with girlfriends and female clients. 

I couldn't un-see it. All I wanted was to turn it around.

I was determined to live from a place of worthiness and abundance - true to Jupiter's very nature. Stepping into this higher vision of myself has transformed my life and my business.

I am so excited to introduce Abundant Soul.

Abundant Soul is a platform to empower women to let go of what's holding us back and create the life we know is ours. 

It's about stepping into a higher vision of ourselves and owning it. It's about the stories we tell about ourselves. It's about being in our truth and receiving all the beauty and prosperity that's coming our way. 

Imagine stepping into that space...for good.

I would love to invite you to the first Abundant Soul, Conversations

Abundant Soul Conversations (1).png

I created these events to have the soulful, meaningful and juicy conversations we need to be having to turn things around in our lives.

On February 1st, join us for an evening with inspiring, remarkable women to discuss what success really means to you, and how you can create your life and business -  your way.

I am beyond excited to welcome the inspiring Josie Castañeda, from Curandera Remedies and Luly B. to our February 1st event, to help lead you in this soulful experience.  

You could leave with the inspiration, idea, or insight that transforms your world this year. 

It's time to own it. It's yours.