No. More. Crumbs

I was recently walking past an ex boyfriend's house. The thought that came to me was how little I accepted over the course of that relationship. 

Of course, it's complicated. I was truly only willing to accept that little in that moment in my life. I knew (deeeeep down) that there was so much more for me. Back then, I doubted that kind of amazing love even existed. I was accepting just the crumbs of what a relationship could be

Damn, that voice in our head is one, sneaky mofo. 

Replace "love" for following your purpose/ career you've always wanted/ life of your dreams and it's all THE SAME THING. 

I've learned that abundance is something you step into and tune into.

It's not something you "get". Not if you're not ready to receive it. 

I created Abundant Soul, the Experience to help you do just that.


The Abundant Soul experience is soul + strategy. 

  • We meet in your workspace.
  • We use Feng Shui to confidently step into an abundant, intuitive version of you.
  • We strategize on your brand and your content so you are clear and have a real plan that you love

There are only a couple of spots every month for this one-day experience that will wake up the soulful, intuitive boss you are - for good. 

Whether you have an idea for a business, or you're going through a transition after years in business - this experience is for you. 

Take that first step right here.