Let It Go and Start Fresh

I've heard this one idea over and over again from friends in the aftermath of hurricane Irma this past week:

"I can't believe I have so much stuff. Preparing for and coming back from this hurricane has given me a new perspective.
I want to live with less and with more intention." 

Home.One.Blog. .jpg

It's what I preach with Feng Shui and I found myself feeling the same way.

I came back on Monday afternoon to a home with no power to start to clean up. Suddenly corners felt cluttered, I second guessed putting things back where they were, and I had even more appreciation for things like my grandmother's mirror and saving my dreamy dining room table . 

Minimalism is resonating with so many people and theKonmari method has taken over. When you live with intention and apply this to the spaces that surround you and the things you choose to consciously keep - there's power in that.

Here are three key things to consider: 

1. Let It Go: If a space "feels" cluttered or an object "feels" wrong - trust that intuition. Odds are energy is stuck there and it's likely energy of the past that has nothing to do with you anymore. If it feels funky, let it go. 

2. Live Like You Want to Live: If you want to host people more often but you have an uninviting living room centered around the TV, it's not gonna happen. How do you want to live? Do you want to cook more? Host more? Start painting? Create a space surrounded by things that will help you want to hang out and create ritual there. 

3. Highlight Your Story: What are the things you most value about your life, your past? What you are creating? What represents your future to you? For some people it's art, music or books. For some it's a certain aesthetic and way of life. You should look at your place and think: "This space feels like me and reflects who I want to be. "

Let's let hurricane Irma be a catalyst for perspective, release and creating authentic spaces that reflect us. 

I would love to help you throughout this transformation, with a special opportunity only open the next two days


Hope you're all safe and sound following the storm.

Here's to fresh starts with intention and beauty.