How to sell on social media

"...but I don't wanna sound salesy, creepy, desperate."

I get it because I've been there. Whenever it's time to promote on social media - a product, a workshop, a service, and you delay it, you become postponing queen, you half-ass it or you don't do it at all. 

There's a lot of work we need to do as women to become more comfortable with the idea of selling and money. 

But aside from that, you CAN learn a few tips that will help you promote your thing in a way that doesn't leave you feeling like a used car salesman. Trust me. 

Here are some things to understand:

  • Your people WANT to find you and buy your product/ service/ experience.
  • This thing you're creating, your people need it. When that becomes clear, you're coming from a place of service rather than selling.
  • Know your worth and don't apologize for it. The people that will value it are out there. Your thing is not for everyone. If they're right for you, they'll come back later. 

Here are some ways you can *sell* on social media. Tell the story of the thing you are offering. Here's what that actually means: 

  • Why did you make it?
  • What was the story of how it all started?
  • Have you helped anyone? How?
  • What is the impact you want to create with what you are building?
  • A subtle secondary message can remind people exactly - where to click to buy your thing, how to contact you for an appointment, the details of your event. (People need to hear exactly what the steps are and what to do next).

What are *you* selling these days? How are things going? 
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