Coming Home

There’s a feeling I get when I’m about to walk into my home. Suddenly I'm inspired, in a space that embodies my vibe and tells my story. I'm surrounded by beautiful things that represent my aspirations.
My love of spaces and décor goes back to when I was a teen. It was always a hobby, a side passion. There seemed to be no room for a serious pursuit of art, beauty or spirituality. 

Last year everything changed.

I began studying Feng Shui and I’ve fallen in love with it.Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of shifting the energy in your life through shifting the energy in your home. You can do this through energy clearing, placement, enhancing & curing areas of your home, and decorating with intention. 

Practicing this art has felt like coming home. I’ve been shui'ing away on the down-low, honing my craft and trusting my instincts. Nothing has ever felt so right or come more naturally to me. 

I’ve Feng Shui’d over 20 homes and offices, and I’ve found that so much comes down to our stories. 

Branding is about how we define, own and tell our stories to the world. Feng Shui is about the stories we tell ourselves. 

Those stories determine our experiences - whether we want to attract love, money, creativity or health. They can be limiting or inspiring. They're at the heart of what’s possible with Feng Shui

I want your spaces to feel like you and tell the story of your truest and highest-self. I want them to be a reminder and a source of magical intentions for your boldest dreams.

I’m opening up one spot per week for Feng Shui home or office consultations.

Please know that branding will still very much continue to be my jam. It’s all going down under the increasingly bold and large umbrella that is The Jupiter Circle

Thanks for being such a cool, supportive community that it feels natural and easy sharing my life-long, secret-until-now passions with you all. 

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