A list of things to get over

I'm writing these words because I've been there. This list comes with loads of love and support. It's been inspired by conversations over the past few weeks.

If any of these resonate, I hope you feel a little bolder and more free at the end of this email.  

A list of things to get over (in no particular order)

1. That being authentic means copying the way "popular people" show up on social media. Being authentic means being who you are and showing up online in a way you're comfortable with. Your people will then gravitate to you. Period. 

2. That you have to post everyday in all the platforms or people won't know you on social media. This is super backwards, especially in an oversaturated content world. Spend real time on content that you're proud of. People will see it, see you and love it. Quality over quantity every time.  

3. Defining yourself as anti-something. It is always so much more powerful to be for something than against something. What are you for? Frame the conversation your way. If you wanna make sure you're seen differently - show up differently. People can tell.  

4. Letting other people have the final say in whether something is right for you. Having people who love you and are willing to share advice is so important. That network of support can mean the world. However, whether it's a business decision or taking a certain direction with your brand - your instinct is your most powerful ally and your greatest truth. You have the final say.  

5. That there is one path for success and "this is the only formula." F that. F that. F that. I fell for this when I started my business because there was so much I didn't know. Find teachers, coaches, content, partners, who will acknowledge your unique gifts, your ingenuity and support you when you trust your gut. Be weary of formulas.   

It's the middle of the year, queens. We have big dreams we're meant to accomplish, and I thought a little July-shaking-off-some-limiting-beliefs would help. 

What do you think of these? Do you have others to add?