Letting go of your old story

When I moved to Miami five years ago, I was simultaneously excited and freaking out. I was recently divorced, building a new identity, and I was leaving behind my beloved Brooklyn after 8 years.  

I placed this poster in my living room and it was the first thing you saw as you walked in the door. 

For a long time this poster brought back happy memories. Until a Feng Shui consultation earlier this year when I started crying when asked about it.

I realized was using this poster as a symbol of not letting go of my past. It was keeping me stuck in the story of who I was when I moved here - five years ago

Feng Shui explains that every single item in your home carries energy - we assign them meaning and they receive it by being in our space. 

That memory of the past that no longer serves us can be feeding us every time we walk and live in our spaces, holding us back.

Walk around your home and be mindful of any objects that stand out to you. Some questions to consider: 

  • What does it remind you of?
  • Is that still important and relevant to who you are today?
  • Does it feel good to have it around?
  • Are you ready to let go of it?
  • Would it be OK to put it in a "transition out maybe" pile of things?

The process can be intense. It's also really brave and healing.

This is part of what always comes up when I do a Feng Shui consultation and help people create homes and office spaces with a delicious energy that feeds their highest intentions.

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