Watch that community groooow!

When you're in your groove with your content on social media there are two clear way of knowing it's resonating with others:

  • More people are engaging with you and your content (comments, DM's, Likes) and
  • More people are following you. 

I've met so many entrepreneurs with amazing accounts and so much potential and yet - those numbers for engagement and total followers seem kind of stagnant. 

The reason is we need to learn to engage the right people in theright places in order to start to see an impact. It truly is a matter of replicating your behavior offline to get to know people - but at a wider scale online.

Ask yourself:

  • How much time do you spend everyday proactively seeking out your people online and engaging with them?
  • How personally do you engage with them?
  • How many quality connections do you make regularly?
  • Do you know where to find your people?
  • How strategically are you using hashtags?
  • How quickly and organically are your followers growing?

This really isn't about numbers. This is about finding the people that are going to be excited to have found you and building a quality relationship with them through amazing content and engagement.

One tip to get you started - set a timer everyday and search hashtags and accounts that are related to you and your brand. Click through the people engaging with that content and interact proactively with them. You'll be surprised at the quality connections you'll make.