Start with getting vulnerable

Connect Miami - 10 days to connect with someone across lines of difference starts today! This is an amazing initiative led by our friends at Radical Partners and there are dozens of events happening this week to join. On Wednesday at 4PM EST, I'm hosting a Connect Miami Women Across Generations Facebook Live (and I know you have something to add to that conversation)! Grab your headphones and join in! 

{Below is my blog post in honor of Connect Miami}. 

Start with Getting Vulnerable

The moment I heard about “Connect Miami” I fell in love with the idea. Community and inclusion are two of the values that are closest to who I am. I strive to have an impact where people from different backgrounds, experiences and colors feel more connected and a greater sense of belonging.

With “Connect Miami” we have ten days when we are invited to put ourselves out there into new experiences with new people with whom we normally wouldn’t interact. That could mean going to a neighborhood you’ve never been, truly listening to someone with a different opinion, or having a real conversation with someone with a very different life experience.

It got me thinking deeper about what it really takes to truly connect with someone.

I work with women entrepreneurs, helping them define a brand that is authentic to who they are and their vision. I coach them to see that when they’re able to show up – vulnerably and authentically – that’s when others feel connected to them and they can grow their tribes. When others can see the truest part of you, past the walls we all carry, that’s the part that connects us all.

Brené Brown says that “vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” I think this is at the core of what “Connect Miami” represents. We’re being asked to start from a place of knowing that we don’t have all the answers. We’re being asked to vulnerably take a chance, to see what we hadn’t seen before, go where we hadn’t gone before, talk to someone we wouldn’t have spoken to before.

Vulnerability means being willing to see yourself and others with compassion, to see the whole person in front of you, to be humble enough to realize we could be surprised, enlightened, moved, or inspired where we least expect it.

It’s about acknowledging that every person has a story and every person is worthy of someone to see and listen to them.

I’m excited for this opportunity where we can each find the strength and courage to be vulnerable enough to truly see one another. I trust there will be some consciousness shifting that will last far past those ten days, and will ultimately help us carry a little vulnerability everyday into being better people and a better city.