Let's get personal

A question I always get when teaching workshops is how to deal with getting personal on your brand's social media.

Friday's workshop was all about just that - bringing more of your life, your vibe (thoughts, feelings, passions), your personality into your brand and your ongoing content.

There were some very cautious faces in the room. 

I soon realized there were so many different things holding people back from showing up authentically online, and they ranged from: a fear of being criticized, of how getting personal could hurt their business to a fear of just regretting doing it. 

There are a few universal truths when it comes to branding as entrepreneurs, but one certain one is that people connect with people. To the extent you show up as you are - you will attract the right customers and it will bring you real business.

We took a moment to let ourselves imagine that even if there are a few people who aren't digging us, there could be exponentially more people that would know us and be so excited to follow, engage with us and support us. What if

This week I invite you to a challenge. 

Post something on your brand's social media that feels personal.

It could be:

  • The story of why you started your business.
  • The reason you wake up energized to do this work.
  • The people in your life that matter the most to you.
  • The passions you have outside of work that fuel who you are.
  • The things you're most grateful for in your life and/ or business.

Use the hashtag #jupitersocial. And just see what happens. See how people react to you sharing more of you who are with them. See how seamlessly that starts to blend with what you do and how strongly that connects with others.