Stop sounding "vanilla"




These are all words that people use when describing how they want to be perceived on social media. 

Although those words are solid and should absolutely come across - I absolutely don't want those to be the first words that people use when they describe your online presence. Why? Because there are so many flavors out there and these words are...vanilla. 

How we come across online is a function of so many things, and it includes the content we choose to share and the way we show up - what I call your "vibe". 

Especially if you are reaching consumers directly as an entrepreneur, I want people to use words like "exciting", "warm", "friendly", "cool", and "thrilling" to describe you instead. 

What you're really trying to do is invite people to fall in love with your brand. 

The way you do it is you show a human. You set the boundaries you're comfortable with and then you infuse your personality and pieces of your life into your brand - however you are most comfortable. 

Ask yourself these questions about your online presence:

  • How do you express yourself?
  • How authentically are you showing up?
  • Does your brand feel like you?
  • Does it feel like a robot wrote it?
  • Does your copy sound like the way you speak? 

If people are going to buy into you, they're going to need to see and feel that human touch and feel *your* vibe. 

We're gonna get down and real with digging up your authentic vibe and translating it into social media content on April 28th from 9:30am - 1:00pm at the next The Jupiter Social workshop, "Bring Life To Your Brand." I so hope you'll join us!