The power of setting boundaries

It doesn't sound like the sexiest topic....and yet, it makes space for the most interesting part of you.

One of the major truths of content marketing as an entrepreneur is that the more you are willing to put yourself "out there", the more successful you will be.

The reason? People connect with people. The more you come across as a real human, with passions and interests, the more your people will connect with your content, your brand...and you.

Now, there are some people that hear this and hyperventilate or argue why that just won't work for them. For them and for everyone else - boundaries are the most powerful thing you can define. 

You need to get clear on what you won't talk about

What parts of your life will always stay private? Is there anyone in your life who won't be on your social media? How open will you be about your life, plans, dreams, vision, insights?

Doing this exercise: (1) gets you clear and (2) opens you up to a world of what you can and maybe even want to talk about.

You can be subtle about it. You can open up to the extent that you're comfortable. More importantly, you can make it your own.

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