Where are you coming from?

When you sit down to write content for your brand, what's going through your heart and mind?

Is it... 
"This sounds silly/ stupid"
"I wonder what people are going to think about this"
"I sound ridiculous"
"This isn't me"? 

I've noticed so much hesitation and self-doubt when coaching women to find their voice. Beyond all the accomplishments and strong persona these women have - putting yourself and your brand out there is a pretty vulnerable thing to do.

But being deep in your self-doubt and overly concerned with others is just a crappy place to be coming from when showing the world who you are.

One thing I often recommend people do when they feel this way is that they grab a journal and just write. If you're a voice-note person, send yourself a voice recording. Be free to go on and on about the topic you'd like to discuss - whether it's your expertise or your personal life. Do it for you - fearlessly and privately. A day later, come back to it. See if there are any pieces of what you expressed that you would feel comfortable sharing with the world. And if so, go ahead and do it.

We can all get wrapped up in wondering how we're coming across. We forget we're all on the same boat. We're all putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable in one way or another doing so. When we start practicing boldly being ourselves and sharing our passions - that's the true beginning of connecting as a brand and as people.