This is my activism

I often wonder if I'm doing enough. I'm so driven by social justice and community that I feel a sense of urgency to stay informed of everything going on, and do absolutely everything I can - volunteer, protest, hold elected officials accountable - to help move the needle towards fairness and justice. I've always felt that way, ever since I was a little girl.

Admittedly, it can be exhausting.

More recently I had what I can only call an awakening. All of a sudden it came to me.

I spend my days helping women own their power, follow their dreams, find and nurture their tribes and become self sufficient and financially independent. I help women find their voice - loud and confident. I help women make their mark in the world and leave a legacy of good - for themselves, their families and their communities. 

If we didn't already realize what an absolutely revolutionary concept that is, even in 2017, I think many of us are waking up to it.

So this is my true activism: you opening these emails, anyone believing in themselves just a little bit more, anyone feeling brave enough to own who they are in their brand and discover a place of power within themselves.

I live in full confidence that we will be led by a tribe of powerful, confident, loving, empathetic, community-driven women -- holding their place as leaders alongside amazing men who honor and support and stand with us.

And hell, if that happens to rattle or scare anyone, well...that's just gravy. 

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The future is female.