The dream of a gorgeous feed

When I started my business in January 2015, I walked into Whole Foods one day with Nadia. I took a photo of these orchids on display. Nadia saw my photo (left), then grabbed my phone, knelt down in three different ways and took her own photo (right). 

On that day I realized that after years in advertising, I could tell when something was well done, but I needed to learn a few things if I wanted to create beautiful images myself.

There's a reason creatives know their thing, and that photographer and designer Instagram accounts are so beautiful. 

Since then I've learned two major things: 

1) My feed doesn't have to be perfectly beautiful and styled like a photographer or a designer. That's not what I'm selling. But...

2) There are simple design & photography principles and tips to make my photos and graphics look exponentially better!  Today I feel happy with a consistent brand on my social media that tells a cohesive visual story.  

Learning to be mindful of my brand colors, my margins, my fonts, and having my go-to apps to create graphics and edit photos has been a game-changer for me. 

I've also been able to apply what I've learned about what works from an engagement standpoint. I know for my brand what a "compelling" image actually means. My feed looks 500% better.

If I can learn to do this, you can too...

If your visuals could use a little help, I invite you join us on March 31st from 9:30am - 3:00pm for "Creating Gorgeous Visuals", the third in The Jupiter Social workshop series. We'll dive into: 

  • Photography fundamentals
  • Graphic design fundamentals
  • Using fonts and colors
  • Account inspiration 
  • Canva tutorial 

You'll practice styling for your brand photos, iphoneography, playing with some of the best apps out there for photo editing and making graphics. It'll be fun and you'll be surrounded by entrepreneurs sharing their feedback and ideas. 

This week only the workshop is available for $120 ($30 discount) using this link. Hope to see you there! 

Have an amazing week!