On full moons and intentions

On Friday I went out with an old friend. She's been talking about starting her own business for the past couple of years. She's taken several classes, she's planned it all out, she knows what she needs to do. Life has also gotten in the way: family commitments, exhaustion, and frankly a little fear of making the jump.

Over the past few months she had a health scare and it seemed to be the push she needed. She woke up to the life she wanted to lead, the risks she was comfortable taking, and the business she is finally moving into. Under a full vibrant moon, over some red wine and pizza she committed to a date for when she's quitting her job and exactly how she's taking her plan into action.

I have never heard her resolve be so strong. This woman is going to have an absolutely amazing, brave, unforgettable 2017.

 I've been learning about astrology lately. When the moon is full it's the absolute best time to set your intentions and declare as specifically as you can what it is that you want in your life. The new moon is the best time to get clear about the stuff holding you back from what you want and to plan what you will ask for later. 

There's a fire in you - whether it is to start something new, keep growing something you've created, or change direction altogether. It's the reason you're still in it. It's the reason you open and read emails like these.

You're not alone. Trust your journey because that fire just won't let you go. Know that. And know that you can get by with a little (or a lot) of help from that beautiful, vibrant full moon, your girlfriends and maybe some pizza and wine too.