Going deep with social media

I sometimes hear a concern that many social media workshops stay at a superficial or basic level.

The reason for that is there is so much to learn

We could choose any one area of social media and get into it fordaaaays. Unlike other areas of Marketing, social media asks you for designing, copywriting, editing, strategic thinking, analytics, public relations and a side of psychology. Yeah.  

I want to be part of simplifying this all for you as well as help you apply more advanced strategies. 

After coaching dozens of women on social media, I've learned the only way to learn more advanced strategies is to:

  1. split the learning up into chunks and
  2. learn gradually. 

The first thing to think about is your first impression. If you can't get someone to follow you once they find you, you may never get that opportunity back.

So, let's take setting you up right for your social media:  

  • Do you have defined primary and secondary social media platforms? I don't recommend more than 2 primary platforms (unless you have a staff to help you). Set up a role for each of these platforms to serve your broader strategy.  
  • How many new followers are you getting every week on average? How are you converting followers to clients? This may be impacted by the first impression of your social media. Think about your cover photos, profile photos and bio. Make sure they fully represent your vibe (investing in gorgeous photos is essential), and make sure your bio is complete and stays updated with whatever is happening in your business. 
  • What's your social media process? Define how and when you will create content, engage with your community and evaluate how it's going. Make it fit your life! If it's forced, it's not going to work. 

What else would you like to know about setting up your social media? Send me your questions and I'll answer them in one of these notes!