Equal parts strategy and magic

I found myself describing entrepreneurship as equal parts strategy and magic recently. 

It's a simple little recipe and it is so damn powerful. 

A great Strategy is awesome and necessary. The geek in me that loves giant post-its and Sharpies can't turn off that part of my brain. Finding the insights to base the unique approach and creative ideas for your brand is core to getting your business up and running.

The thing is so many people - consciously or unconsciously - stop there.

I've learned that strategy alone isn't gonna do much if you're not ready to make space for what happens when this thing you're creating actually happens.

Magic to me is a term that embodies everything that leads to you manifesting what you want. That includes getting out of your own way to let it happen. That magic can take the form of writing down revenue projections, hypnotherapy to get over your money mindset issues, or creating vision boards with a women's circle .

The magic part is trusting your intuition that your strategy is sound. You have to let it work and believe it can be amazing.  

As women we often don't even believe that we can succeed with our businesses, not reeeeally. I'm taking "7-figures, keynote speeches, hugely profitable, amazing team, work-as-much-as-I-want" kind of success (or whatever that looks like to you). So many of us get stuck playing small, playing ourselves down, disappointed at a strategy that didn't work.

Sometimes we're the ones that need to make space for it to work. 

Walking into the second month of 2017 this week, I wish you a little more magic - so you can continue to make your those (big) dreams a reality.