The Moment that Defined my 2017

Can you tell I get introspective in December? It's such a powerful time to look back and acknowledge what we've learned. 

There was ONE moment that really defined my 2017. It happened in early August when I hosted a Summer Soirée for my clients. 

Summer Soirée, August 2017

Summer Soirée, August 2017

I wanted to bring everyone together. Nothing makes me happier than knowing you guys are becoming friends, hiring one another, referring business to each other and creating community. We mingled, we connected deeply, we laughed, we had delicious cheese. 

During this event, I was going to announce my Mastermind group. I was pretty nervous about it. I had never announced a group experience that was so expensive. I was afraid no one would be interested. I had just started working with Luly B. and she asked me one question: "Why did you start it?" I couldn't stop telling her how excited I was to bring this to you all. And she just goes "Why don't you share it from that perspective instead?"

The moment came and I shared this experience I had created from a place of love, service and excitement. And for the first time as an entrepreneur, I was able to receive the love, gratitude and appreciation from you all. I finally let myself RECEIVE all that goodness

Four months later, Masterminds are a huge part of my business.

More than anything else this year I am GRATEFUL and it's more than just a word.

I truly feel it in soul, probably for the first time. I am grateful to you for showing up, for trusting me to guide you through defining, owning and telling your stories. I am grateful for your openness, your sisterhood with one another and your bold ability to keep moving forward. 

With so much love, wishing you a 2018 full of abundance, intention and love!