Your One Big Step to Start 2018

Ok, before I start this email...this is my view right now as I write to you. Might I add, Holy Moly. (It's the boo's place in upstate NY). 


Talk about inspiration, beauty and quiet contemplation.

The past couple of weeks I've been going and going planning the mother of all years next year.

I've attended planning workshops, my vision board is set, I got new crystals and solid projections for next year. I am set, you guys. 2018 is gonna be eeeerrthang. 

And today I wake up early and look out to this -  a silence and  sense of peace that reminds me to also go inward. There's a different kind energy we also need when we plan. That's the energy of introspection and quiet.

That's the energy that reminds you that you know if this is the right path for you or not. That energy is a solid companion throughout your year, as you get the work done she fuels you with awesome knowing. This energy - this intuition- is female and I wink at her all year long. She's got my back.

Coming from this place, my one big step to start the year will be to host two Masterminds with 6 women each in January. I am stoked. 

If you're looking for your one-big step to start the year, the first Group Strategy Day of 2018 is coming up on January 23rd and there are three spots left.

You'll get clear on your brand and come up with a plan to tell your story. It has been a launching pad for dozens of women. I promise an experience with sweet hustle and introspective energies.

Snag 'em before they're gone.