Setting Intentions for 2018


Ok, here's something that blows my mind.

Ever since I started The Jupiter Circle in January 2015, I have set real intentions for my business every year.

Admittedly, at times, I've been clueless about what I wanted. At times I've felt brave enough to be really, really clear and specific. Most times, it was somewhere in between.

Looking back on the past three years (whoa, it's been that long) - the good has all come true.

Yes, it's come true because I've worked my butt off. But it's also come true because I was clear and steady with those intentions.  

Here are the three (super magic and amazing) steps that have worked for me when setting intentions: 

1) Get specific: You may have an intention that you want to make a certain amount of money next year. You may have an intention to start making art consistently or to open up your own shop or private practice. Whatever intention you set - watch your words, because each one matters.

Also remember that when manifesting amazingness, sometimes the universe knows best and we shouldn't worry about the how. If all you can be specific about is how you want to feel (free, abundant, in flow, alive) that's a beautiful place to start.  

2) It's already here: When you set your intention, it is so important that you visualize and feel into that intention like it's already yours. Vision Board. Meditate. Sit still. Take a few deep breaths - whatever works for you. Trust that your future higher self has your back and will send you signs you need to know.

You'll be so thankful for this sense of knowing you're on the right path when times are tough and there are inevitable bumps in the road. It will make all the difference.

3) Make it happen: (The working hard part): Yeah, can't get away from this one. But working towards an intention that is true to you and your purpose should feel exhilarating and give you so much life.

Sitting down to strategize, telling your story and blocking time on your calendar regularly to move towards your goal should make you feel like the boss queen that you are every single day.