What can you accomplish in 8 weeks?

Back in January I was looking for some accountability and support as I leveled up in my business.

There was ONE thing that made a huge difference for me.

I joined a Mastermind.

This is basically a group of people who are in the same stage in business, who meet regularly to share ideas, strategies, plans, and hold each other accountable. In my case, the people were five intuitive, magical, smart passionate women.

It lifted my soul and my monthly revenue.

The BEST part was I had enough months of a sustained business momentum that my months were not up and down anymore. I was solidly on another level. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had a "bad month."

That is exactly why I decided to create my own mastermind. 

"The Jupiter Mastermind"  - Fall 2017

"The Jupiter Mastermind"  - Fall 2017

We're six weeks into our 8-week program, and these six women have blown me away with their remarkable courage, sisterhood and accomplishments in this short period of time. They're transforming before my eyes. They're checking BIG things off their lists and seeing themselves and their businesses with new eyes.

It's solid, uplifting, sustainable change. 

I've decided I'll be hosting this mastermind three times a year.

The next round starts January 16th. Interested in learning more? Click here and let me know!