To Business Coach or to Brand Coach (First)?

Starting at the beginning is hard, when you don't know where the beginning actually is.

Friends and clients often want to know if they should work with a business or a brand coach first

When I was starting my own business I was also confused about this. I felt what we all feel - the imperative to start making money. So, a business coach helps you with that. So...they should come first, right? 

The right brand strategy session:

  • helps you connect at a purpose and soul level to what you're building
  • brings you clarity about what you are feeling called to create, and
  • shines a light on where you shine the most - the reason that people hire you or buy from you.

Lightbulbs go on all the time during this session, eyes widen and knowing smiles start to form. You get it.

Going through this process also saves you from:

  • the long, painful hassle of running down the wrong rabbit holes
  • structuring your business in a way that doesn't fit the life you want
  • working with the wrong people
  • not feeling sure about partnerships, collaborations and business decisions

When you define your brand FIRST you are sure. You are driven and motivated. You are ready to go. 

That is a badass, beautiful place to come from to then have a conversation about packages, pricing and business development with a business coach.