A time for change

Change can somehow be scary, exhilarating, difficult and exciting all at the same time.

Having lived through two layoffs and a divorce, I've also come to embrace it much more than I used to - even if it's hard. I'm much more trusting of what's on the other side.

And so (deep breath), here are aaaall the things going on...

1. We're saying goodbye to our space in Little Havana this month. That space has been so frikin good to me, but things have shifted in me and in the business and it's time to move on. If you'll miss it too (and wanna take some new selfies in that turquoise wall), see #2. 

2. I start working out of CIC Miami this week. I'm so excited to join the fam and work alongside so many incredible people. I'll also be hanging at Venture Cafe more often too. Come visit! 

3. For a while so many of you have asked for evening and weekend events. This Fall you can come hang with us foraaaaall of these free evening workshops and get your branding, social and shui on with other awesome entrepreneurs in an interactive, fun space. Really hope to see you there. 

4. Oh, and there is ONE spot left for Group Strategy Day on Saturday, November 11th (Yup! You read that right - Saturday). If you've been waiting for a weekend opportunity for this transformational day - this is iiiiiit!

5. Finally - This month I am curating Creative Mornings and we have none other than the incredible Hugette Montesinos, Founder of Disfunkshion Magazine who will be talking about being a Pioneer. RSVP here to enjoy this beautiful morning and come gimme a birthday hug this Friday.