5 Ways to Be Bold This Week (And frankly, every day)

A theme in almost every mastermind, workshop, meeting of women entrepreneurs is owning and stepping up to your worth.

As women, we often don't think we are capable/ smart/ talented/ experienced/ hardworking/ dedicated....or essentially worthy enough

In my Saturday workshop someone said, "If we got paid to put ourselves down, we'd be millionaires."

Ouch. So yeah...let's turn that around, shall we?

Here are some ways I've found that have really helped me own my sh*t confidently (and stay in that yummy place):

1) Your How: Think about how you do what you do in a way that's unique. How do you know you are a badass? What have old bosses praised you for? Why do clients keep coming back to you? Know it and live it.  

2) Try it on for size: Weirded out about saying that you are charging a higher price from now on? Literally just say it to 3 prospective clients. Confidently. As an experiment. See what happens.

3) Accept the Love: I was the queen of the moment when I got a compliment I would deflect it right back and be all like "No, you! You're the one that's awesome." Now I say "Thank you" and I receive it. (This one was hardcore a beautiful and powerful shift for me) 

4) Tell yo self: Affirmations on a post-it, talking to yourself in the mirror, sitting in meditation and hanging with your higher self - whatever you gotta do, but remind yourself how remarkable you truly are. As frequently as possible. 

5) Do it even if it scares you:  Think you're not quite ready for that fellowship, client opportunity, new office, new team member? If your fear comes with excitement and the numbers can add up - strongly consider going for it. As a friend often reminds me, this is a good time to ask yourself "What would a man do?"

How do YOU embrace your worth?